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Magistrate calls for more security

Magistrate calls for more security


Senior Magistrate Donald Browne is calling on the authorities to beef up security for magistrates.{{more}}

Browne’s call came earlier this week, while speaking at a special sitting of the High Court to mark the opening of the new law term.

The outspoken magistrate said: “I know there are measures taken to have security well placed for us, but I am saying that it is not enough.

“With the violence in our society these days, we need to be protected better than we are, no matter what the cost may be.”

Meanwhile, in delivering brief remarks, Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan informed the court about a development that took place recently, where prisoners were misbehaving at the magistrate’s court.

Jones-Morgan said as a result, the intention is to install an automatic security door and panels at the court.(KW)