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Vynnette faces up to six years in prison, if found guilty

Vynnette faces up to six years in prison, if found guilty


New Democratic Party (NDP) Senator and lawyer Vynnette Frederick could spend up to six years behind bars, if found guilty of the perjury charges brought against her last week, a legal expert told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.{{more}}

Frederick was charged with three counts of making false declarations.

The charges were read to her before Senior Magistrate Theodore Browne, at the Magistrate’s Court in Kingstown last Wednesday.

She is expected to return to court on November 16.

A lawyer told SEARCHLIGHT that the maximum penalty for false declaration, if Frederick is found guilty, is two years.

The legal expert, referred to Section 96 of the Criminal Code, Chapter 171 of the Laws of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

It says any person who swears falsely or makes a false affirmation or declaration, before any person authorized to administer the oath or take a declaration upon a matter of public concern, or private legal rights under the circumstances that the false swearing, declaration or affirmation is committed in a judicial proceeding, will amount to perjury, is guilty of an offense and liable to imprisonment of two years.

The sentence can run consecutively amounting to a possible six-year jail term for the former West St George candidate.

The lawyer said, however, that unless the law expressly states that no fine can be imposed, which it does not in this case, the magistrate has the discretion to impose a fine.

Apart from imprisonment, Frederick faces the possibility of being disbarred and being removed from Parliament as a senator. (JJ)