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Twenty-year-old youth pleads with magistrate not to send him to prison


Twenty-year-old Ishmael Jack pleaded with senior magistrate Donald Browne not to send him to prison, saying that he was fed up with the treatment he received during his time on remand.{{more}}

Appearing at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court yesterday, Jack changed his plea to guilty of entering the property of Winston Knights on May 25.

Jack also told the court that while in jail, he was repeatedly beaten and slapped and that other inmates tried to stab him.

“I wish more young men would come forward and say that,” Browne responded.

The court heard that Jack entered the premises of Knights on the morning in question at 5:30.

On hearing a noise coming from his garage, the virtual complainant, Knights, investigated and found Jack there with a bamboo rod. He also saw that his garage had been ransacked, but no items had been stolen.

This was not the first time that Jack was found on the property of Knights.

Jack was reprimanded and discharged.(DD)