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Changes in Eastern Caribbean Magistrate’s Courts


Some changes have been made in the proceedings of all Magistrate’s Courts in the jurisdiction of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in which magistrates preside.{{more}}

Among those changes announced in the St Vincent and the Grenadines Government Gazette of August 7, is that effective last Saturday, in all member states and territories of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, the style and title for a magistrate shall be ‘Your Honour’.

This now replaces the former title of ‘Your Worship’.

It was also noted that a magistrate may now wear a robe when presiding in Court and during any other official function.

“The purpose of this Practice Note is to change the form of address with the intention to promote uniformity in the jurisdictions in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in the style and title,” the notice in the Gazette said.

This practice note was also made pursuant to the inherent jurisdiction of the Honourable Chief Justice to regulate the style and title and court attire, after consultation and the concurrence of the Head of Governments of the OECS member states and territories, the document continued. (DD)