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Chance sentenced to six years in BVI prison

Chance  sentenced to six years in BVI prison


Vincentian Dexter Chance has been sentenced to six years imprisonment in the British Virgin Islands for importation of drugs.{{more}}

The BVI News reported that Senior Magistrate Valerie Stephen passed the sentence on Chance on Tuesday.

Chance, along with two other Vincentians were extradited to the British Virgin Islands to stand trial on cocaine charges, and were all convicted along with BVI national Dale Nibbs in connection with the seizure of some 59 blocks of cocaine, weighing some 61.21 kilograms, in January 2008.

The substance was found concealed aboard a catamaran docked at Hodges Creek having come from St Vincent. The substance was uncovered with the use of a power saw by one of the defendants. Police documented the act, a move which worked in their favour in the absence of the actual evidence at court.

The magistrate said she considered three factors when making her ruling.

These include the fact of importation of drugs from St Vincent in two concealed bags, the physical evidence and the evidence from the forensic analyst.

To the first point, she said she was indeed satisfied with the evidence provided by the prosecution through exhibits and witnesses statements, but had some reservations about the prosecution’s star witness – a convicted drug trafficker.

Further, the absence of the actual bags of drugs at trial was not considered to work against the Crown, since the magistrate said she was also satisfied with the documentation process and the find.(BVI News)