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Weed jam – I was going to make it to put in bread


Most persons charged with possession of cannabis, explain to the court that they had the drug for their personal use, or for medicinal purposes, but Ronzo Lee gave an explanation that raised many eyebrows.{{more}}

“I was going to make jam with it,” Lee said.

The Belmont resident, who appeared before the Serious Offences Court on Wednesday, April 18, pleaded guilty to possession of 605 grams of cannabis.

On April 17, at Glen, police officers saw the young man walking along the Glen public road with a plastic bag in his hands. He was stopped, and a search conducted on the bag turned up three small taped packages.

When asked by Chief Magistrate Sonya Young how he made the jam, the young man scratched his head twice before saying: “I can’t really remember.”

He also told the court that he made the jam on three previous occasions, but did not remember the process used in making the jam.

“I was going to make jam to put in bread. I start to do it three months ago …,” Lee said.

Lee explained that he usually gets a high when he consumes the jam, similar to when one smokes marijuana.

He was remanded in custody pending sentence.(KW)