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Woman steals jewelry, money from wife of Anglican priest


Now that Barbylon Farrell bit the hand that fed her, she has three months to come up with $4,744 to repay her former employer.{{more}}

If she does not, she will go to prison for one year.

Farrell, a resident of Rockies, appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, April 9, and pleaded guilty to stealing a quantity of jewelry and money from Camille McIntosh, wife of Dean of St. George’s Cathedral, Patrick McIntosh.

Farrell pleaded guilty to stealing McIntosh’s engagement ring, a 14 karat gold ring, a silver bracelet, gold earrings, necklaces, among other items, valued at more than US$2,000 between March 11 and April 6, 2012.

She was also charged with stealing over US$300 from McIntosh. She pleaded guilty.

Senior Magistrate Donald Browne sentenced the woman to a one year suspended sentence for her actions.

The court heard that on Friday, April 6, McIntosh attended church and upon her return home, she noticed that jewelry from her jewelry box was missing. McIntosh made inquiries about her items, but no one came forward.

It was said that McIntosh suspected Farrell, and set a trap for her.

She folded a $20 bill in a particular manner and put it in a particular location. After some time, McIntosh went to check on the money and realized it was gone.

Investigations carried out led to Farrell, who admitted to the crime and told police officers that she sold some the jewelry and had some other pieces melted.

Some of the items were recovered, including: McIntosh’s wedding band, gold pendants and other pieces of jewelry.

The mother of four had only been working with McIntosh for one month.

A very upset Senior Magistrate Donald Browne told Farrell that she bit the hand that was feeding her.

“You were in a house where you were trusted and you have already stripped her house within a month. Worst of all, you stole her wedding band…,” Browne said.

McIntosh, who was present in court, was asked by Magistrate Browne what action she wanted him to take against Farrell.

She replied, “I will like to leave that up to you, your worship.”(KW)