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‘Parch Nuts’ on the wrong side of the law again

‘Parch Nuts’ on the wrong side of the law again


Jemark ‘Parch Nuts’ Jackson will spend the next two years in jail after pleading guilty to burglarising the home of Maxwell Brewster of New Montrose on February 12, 2011.{{more}}

Jackson, who was jointly charged with Old Montrose resident Elliot Rock, pleaded guilty to the charge on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court.

The men stole earphones, slippers, matches, DVDs, USB cables, a television set, a Stereo, a handbag, Jeans, belts, mosquito coils, sausage, chicken back, pork chops, rice and a phone charger.

In Brewster’s testimony to the court, he said he left home about 8:00 a.m. and secured his house. While at work, he said he received a telephone call from his neighbor and as a result of the call, he went home.

“I saw the back door open and noticed the locks broken off. I also saw on the floor in kitchen, it had a bag filled with clothing that I didn’t leave there,” he said.

Brewster said he entered the dining area and saw his 21” Television set on dining table.

Corporal 740 Biorn Duncan told the court that he went to an area in Montrose called Walker Piece. Duncan said he went to Brewster’s house and saw Jackson and another man, dressed in a grey T-shirt exit the house and run into nearby bushes.

“I went back to the police transport and we went to Gibson Corner. I saw Elliot Rock seated on a wall dressed in a grey T-shirt and short jeans and had grass about his body and appeared to be sweaty,” Duncan testified.

Corporal Duncan told the court he questioned Rock and he said he had just run out of a house. Under caution, Rock said: “Me and Parch Nuts now run out of a house. Parch Nuts hide in some bushes while I run out into de road.”

Rock, who was represented by counsel, accused the officer of lying on him. “De officer putting words in my mouth. I been in de grass digging some yams,” Rock explained.

Constable 846 Ephraim Malcolm of the Criminal Investigations Department testified that when he cautioned Rock, he said: “Officer, me run cause me been frighten and Parch Nuts dey in de bush.”

When searched at CID, Rock was found with a cellular phone charger and earphones in his possession. When quizzed, he told officers that they belonged to him.

In a police statement, Rock said he was at Jackson’s home when Jackson told him that he knows where a TV is located for them to sell and make some money.

“He tell me the house dey close to Bonadie side, just above where I does dig yams. When we go I saw he (Jackson) knock on the door and no one answer and he tek a knife and open the bottom half of the door and he tell me come,” the statement read.

Rock said while in the house, he saw Jackson come out with a TV set and had already placed a DVD player on the dining table. He added that they put a few of the items in knapsacks they had. “I run with the earphone and matches. Parch nuts had a bag pon he back that he drop in the bushes,” Rock said in the statement.

However, while in court, Rock told the magistrate that he was forced to give a statement and was forced to sign it.

While giving testimony, Rock said he was at Gun Hill digging yams when Jackson was by the house.

“He signal like he call me to come and I go. When he been packing the things police come,” he said.

Rock testified that they ran out the back door and that the bag dropped from Jackson. Rock said he then picked up the bag and threw it further in the grass and that was when the earphones came out.

“I just put it in me pocket and run because I hear shots,” he said.

Rock said when Jackson called him, he suspected what he was going to do.

After hearing all the evidence, Senior Magistrate Donald Browne said he was satisfied that the statement was given freely by him and that he signed it.

“Your side of the story doesn’t add up. I am satisfied you weren’t forced to make a statement and you made it of your own free will. If the officer was forcing you to give a statement, this wouldn’t have been consistent. I find you guilty.”

Rock was sentenced to three years imprisonment on Tuesday, April 10.