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We are heading for trouble, says judge


Outspoken High Court judge, Frederick Bruce-Lyle says the continued flow of persons coming to this country illegally and engaging in the drug activity, is becoming “very frightening”.{{more}}

Bruce-Lyle was at the time addressing a sentencing matter where three Trinidiadians were nabbed in Vincentians waters with 472 pounds of marijuana in 2011.

“The trade in this drug that is illegal according to our laws, becomes more dangerous when people are coming here and getting involved in this illegal trade,” Bruce-Lyle said.

The judge said his views have never changed about the subject since he was a magistrate.

“People are coming into this country with impunity and causing havoc. We are heading for trouble.”

The three men were sentenced to nine years each on counts of possession and intent to export. The sentences run concurrently.(KW)