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Judge wants no more time wasting


High Court judge, Frederick Bruce-Lyle has advised counsel to work together to reduce the number of cases in the High Court, rather than wasting time.{{more}}

“If there is no case for the prosecution, throw in the towel. For the defense, if you know you are guilty, throw yourself at the mercy of the court…,” Bruce-Lyle implored, as he addressed the sitting of the closing of the Criminal Assizes on March 27.

Bruce-Lyle said he is alarmed at the number of persons on remand facing serious crimes like murder.

At the end of the assizes, it was reported that 40 males are awaiting murder trials and 11 are awaiting Preliminary Investigation on murder charges.

“I am hoping that the Director of Public Prosecutions office, during the next session of the Assizes will try to organise these cases especially these where persons have been incarcerated for more than two years,” Bruce-Lyle pointed out.

He said if such a problem persists, “we will find ourselves in serious trouble. Once again, I will implore both sides to work together.”(KW)