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421 inmates at the close of Criminal Assizes


At the closing of the Criminal Assizes on March 27, 2012, a total of 406 male inmates were housed at Her Majesty’s Prison while 15 females are at Fort Charlotte, bringing the overall number to 421.{{more}}

This information was disclosed by Julian Clarke, first class prisoner officer.

Currently, there are 281 males penal with another 125 on remand. There are 10 female penal and five on remand.

The figures show that 114 males were sentenced by the High Court and 167 by the Magistrates court. Three females were sentenced by the High Court and seven by the Magistrates court. A total of five females are awaiting trial.

Fifty-five males are also awaiting trial and 57 awaiting preliminary investigations. A total of 40 males are awaiting murder trials and 11 are awaiting Preliminary Investigations for murder.

Nine males await sentencing and four others are up for re-trial.

A total of 17 non-nationals were sentenced including three Trinidadian, five Grenadians, one each from Barbados and Guyana and seven from neighbouring island, St Lucia.

Four non-nationals are awaiting Preliminary Investigations including a Grenadian, two St Lucians and a Barbadian.

Eight Trinidadians and and a Barbadian national are among those awaiting trial.

Bermudan national, Winston Robinson, who was recently convicted of money laundering awaits sentencing in that matter, while three Trinidadians also await sentencing.

Patrick Lovelace and Shorn Samuel remain on death row.(KW)