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Accused claims he was trying to raise money for his daughter’s cancer treatment


When Connell Jackson was caught with four pounds of cannabis, he explained that he was only trying to make some money to send his ailing daughter to Barbados.{{more}}

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Sonya Young on Monday, March 12, Jackson said he was told by the child’s mother that the little girl has cancer.

Jackson was nabbed by drug squad officers during a stop and search operation on vehicles travelling along the leeward coast on March 9, 2012.

Asked why he was taking her to Barbados, Jackson told the court that he took it up on himself to help to send her there.

However, he could not tell the court how much money the child needed to go to Barbados or if doctors said the child has cancer.

“I was to sell it to get enough money to send me youth ah Bim (Barbados)…The mother is who tell me the youth (3-years-old) have cancer,” Jackson said.

“How much money you have to raise?” asked Magistrate Young. “I don’t know,” Jackson replied.

“If I find you lie, I will lose you in prison,” Young warned.

Shortly after that was said, Jackson told the court that he was sent to the Mental Health Centre before.

However, Jackson was remanded into custody until the mother of the child was contacted.

Jackson should have re-appeared in court yesterday.(KW)