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Renold Hadaway: Proper procedures must be followed


Before Andy ‘Blacka’ Bennett gets back the money he alleges police officers stole from him, the matter will have to go through the proper channels.{{more}}

A week after Bennett, a farmer, told the court he did not wish to proceed in a case where police constables Anthony Charles and Glenroy Pitt were accused of stealing $3,600 from him, Deputy Commissioner Renold Hadaway told SEARCHLIGHT proper procedures will have to be followed.

Bennett said he did not want anything to do with the case and that he only wanted to get his money back.

Earlier this week, Hadaway confirmed that the police are looking into the matter and he hoped it would be resolved in the coming week.

“His (Bennett’s) lawyer wrote to the Commissioner of Police, asking for the matter to be addressed so that Bennett can get back his funds. However, the matter has to go through an investigative process,” Hadaway explained.

Hadaway said this process is to ensure that what is being said is correct and they will then decide how they will proceed from there.

“We have to do everything on our side to make sure everything is clear,” he said.

The Deputy Commissioner further stated that an officer is mandated to look into the matter and after his investigations are completed, he is expected to submit a report.

Meanwhile, Bennett’s attorney, Grant Connell, told SEARCHLIGHT that he is certain the matter will be resolved with some degree of urgency, given the people involved.

Bennett was taken into custody on the evening of Friday, August 5, 2011, with a mixture of Eastern Caribbean and United States currency in his possession.

The custody officer, along with Bennett, signed in agreement about the total sum of money taken from Bennett.

When the shift changed the following morning, and the money was checked, it was discovered that the money in the custody of the police was less than the amount which had been signed for.

Although the matter against the officers was dismissed, they still remain on suspension pending a decision on their future in the police force.(KW)