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Inspector Butcher is being under utilised

Inspector Butcher is being under utilised


Attorney Grant Connell thinks that prosecutor Inspector Nigel Butcher should have been the man to take over a drug case instead of letting an inexperienced officer do so.{{more}}

Connell’s comments came on the heels of the acquittal of Andy ‘Blacka’ Bennett, who was freed of possession of 376 pounds of cannabis on Wednesday, February 22.

The case, which was transferred from the Serious Offences Court to the Layou court last year, was prosecuted by Inspector Adolphus Deplesche.

However, due to his involvement in a preliminary inquiry into a murder case at the Serious Offences Court, the prosecutor at Layou had to conduct the case in Delpesche’s absence.

“Butcher is a great prosecutor. I wonder why such a man of high standard as Butcher was not utilised in this matter. He is a man of a high calibre that is not being utilised fully,” Connell said.

“They sent an inexperienced officer to deal with this case. It is really unfortunate that this had to happen,” Connell added.

Inspector Delpesche took over from Inspector Butcher at the Serious Offences Court after completing his degree abroad.

Butcher is now the prosecutor at the Family Court.