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Lucian man pleads guilty to entering state illegally

Lucian man pleads guilty to entering state illegally


A man who claims to be the grandson of the late Sir John Compton, former Prime Minister of St Lucia, was yesterday sentenced to 21 days in jail after entering this country illegally.{{more}}

Kemal Compton was sentenced to 21 days imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to entering St Vincent and the Grenadines without permission and embarking at Owia, on February 4.

In addition to the custodial sentence, Senior Magistrate Donald Browne made a deportation order immediately after Compton’s sentence concludes.

The court was told that on Friday, February 17, members of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) were on mobile patrol in the Sandy Bay area when they saw Compton sitting at a shop.

Apparently recognizing the police, Compton ran, but was subsequently caught. While in police custody, he admitted that he had come here by boat and had not cleared immigration.

In his explanation to the court, Compton said it was his first time coming to St Vincent.

According to him, he only came here because he has a child with a 17-year-old girl. He said about a year ago, he met the girl in St Lucia, but she moved back to St Vincent.

“She had a baby for me and told me to come up to see the baby…,” Compton explained.