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Police officer walks free after witness refuses to attend court


Police constable Clevorn Castello remains on suspension following a decision by the court to withdraw criminal charges against him.{{more}}

On Friday, February 10, Senior Magistrate Donald Browne dismissed the matter against Castello after the court was informed that witness, Uroy ‘Laybay’ Robinson refused to attend court.

Castello, a resident of Prospect, was hauled before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on August 24, 2011, slapped with three charges.

The charges were that on August 6, 2011, at Kingstown, Castello, without lawful authority, caused to be conveyed to prisoner Uroy Robinson four cigarette lighters, one box of matches, and one bomb of cannabis.

He was also charged with wilfully neglecting to perform his duties as a public servant and for handling $100, knowing or believing it to be stolen, and dishonestly assisting in its disposal.

Prosecutor Inspector Glenford Gregg indicated to the court that Robinson was warned on January 27 to come to court. Gregg said Robinson responded: “Alyo ah waste time, me nar come ah court.”

The prosecution offered no evidence in the matter and Magistrate dismissed the case.

Browne implored the young officer to try not get himself in such situations again.

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that for the time being, Castello remains on suspension, until a decision is made as to his future in the police force.