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Edwards acquitted on all counts of theft


A case in which Alando Edwards was accused of stealing a Toyota Hiace van was discontinued at the High Court earlier this week.{{more}}

Crown Counsel in the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Carl Williams admitted that the evidence in the case never pointed at Edwards.

As a result, Williams, on Tuesday, February 7, told presiding judge Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle that he was not offering any further evidence in the matter.

Edwards, a resident of Green Hill, stood accused of stealing the van on a date unknown between June 17 and 20, 2007.

He was also charged with handling five stolen tyres.

After Williams made the announcement, the jury was instructed to return a formal verdict of not guilty on both charges.

In an interview, Williams told SEARCHLIGHT his actions were in the interest of justice.

“If we had gone on with the case, it would appear that we were persecuting instead of prosecuting,” he said.

Justice Bruce-Lyle commended Williams for taking a stand in the matter.

“You have done the right thing. I have seen you take a stand, not only in this case, but also other cases…,” Bruce-Lyle said.

The judge also noted that the case was “not going anywhere” and that it should have never reached the High Court for trial.

“Based on the evidence, I don’t know how it got here,” Bruce-Lyle stated.

Edwards’ counsel, Kay Bacchus-Browne also commended Williams for his decision.

“I commend the prosecutor for taking this course. The case was already falling apart and the prosecutor has spared the court a lot of judicial time in this case,” Bacchus-Browne noted.(KW)