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‘Wetty’ and ‘Saltfish’ get five years for stealing KV Cable

‘Wetty’ and ‘Saltfish’ get five years for stealing KV Cable


Daniel ‘Wetty’ Caine of Buddy Gutter and Shawn ‘Saltfish’ Alexander of Lowmans Bay are now serving a five year sentence at Her Majesty’s Prisons after being found guilty of theft.{{more}}

A nine member jury decided unanimously on Wednesday, February 1, that both men were guilty of stealing 33 KV Cable from Ruddy’s Electrical Contracting Company Ltd, between April 15 and 18, 2010, at Campden Park.

High Court judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle handed down the sentence.

The court heard that the company’s manager Rudy Daize of Pembroke secured the compound on April 16, 2010, and when he returned the following day, Daize realised the cables were missing.

Some residents in the area pointed out certain things to Daize and he discovered the materials near to a river at the back of the building.

The court heard that Daize instructed Wesmore McFee to hide in a tree with a bird gun and a phone. While in the tree, McFee saw the defendants come to the river and then they began cutting the materials with a hacksaw.

McFee telephoned Daize, who then called the police on the scene.

The court heard that the police arrived on the scene and kept both men under observation. Apparently recognising the presence of the police, both men managed to flee the scene.

Working on information received, police went to a house in Ottley Hall, where the two men were found hiding. The police officers are said to have shouted: “Wetty and Saltfish, ah know all yo dey in dey. All yo come out.”

The men, however, fled through the back door of the house and made good their escape.

The men subsequently turned themselves over to the police.

Alexander and Caine, who led their own defence, maintained their innocence throughout the trial.

Six prosecution witnesses were called to the stand.