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Magistrate commends young constable for his testimony to the court


Constable 733 Rohan Holder of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) walked out of the Serious Offences Court yesterday with his head held high, as Chief Magistrate Sonya Young and other law officials commended the young officer for doing a fine job in giving testimony to the court.{{more}}

“…Some officers should pay close attention and listen to how he (Holder) is doing it…,” Chief Magistrate Sonya Young said yesterday.

As she listened to the CID officer give his testimony in a murder case, Magistrate Young smiled and nodded her head as she wrote what Holder was saying.

At one time, she even told one officer to pay attention to what Holder was saying in the box.

“… You should really listen to him. Look at how he is standing. He hasn’t moved once since he’s been standing in the box. That is how you give your evidence to the court,” Young stated.

When the young police officer told the court that he has been in the Force for only three years, Magistrate Young’s response was “wow!”.

“Thank you very much. You have given me your evidence in a forthright and complete manner. Three-and-a-half years; you’re just a baby in this thing…,” Young said, as she praised PC Holder.

Defense counsel Arthur Williams also commended Holder.

“He is a good police officer, your worship. Well done!”

Chief Magistrate Young told prosecutor Adolphus Delpesche that Holder’s performance should be made known to the Commissioner of Police.

Delpesche also commended Holder and said he would make it known to the Commissioner.(KW)