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Leroy Samuel gets one month for misleading police


Lesroy Samuel has been jailed for one month for providing the police with a false name.{{more}}

When police met Samuel and two other men in a car with 1,326 grams of cannabis, he gave his name as Jamal Grant.

Appearing at the Serious Offences Court on January 3, the Carapan resident pleaded guilty to both offences. On the drug charge, he was fined $2,000 to be paid in two months or he will spend eight months in jail.

When quizzed by Chief Magistrate Sonya Young as to why he misled the police, Samuel told the court that he was scared.

He then began telling the Chief Magistrate about his three-year-old daughter who attends primary school.

It was not until he was asked if his three-year-old attends primary school, that he said he had made a mistake and that the child was five years old.(KW)