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Dean condemns act by a former student of Richmond Vale Academy

Dean condemns act by a former student of Richmond Vale Academy


Dean for the Richmond Vale Academy Stina Herberg has condemned the act of one of her former students, Bolivian national Ivan Allegier for being in possession of 192 grams of cannabis.{{more}}

Allegier, 28 years old, and a volunteer at the Richmond Vale Academy, pleaded guilty to the charge when she appeared at the Serious Offences Court on Wednesday, December 28.

She was fined EC$700 forthwith and a deportation order. Failure to pay that fine resulted in a two month prison sentence.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Herberg, lost for words, described the incident as “terrible”.

“I really wish such an act don’t happen again. You come here to work and be a role model for others in the developing something positive and you then get involved in illegal activities, then you cannot be a student in our school,” Herberg said.

She explained that this is the first time such an incident had occurred at the Academy and such acts, she said, will not be allowed by any student, whether local or international.

“The student mentioned was a student here for some months before she ran in to the situation and getting involved in such situations, you cannot be a part of the Academy.

“We cannot have students involved in illegal activities,” the Dean further stated.