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Judge commends members of the RSVGPF on efforts to stem crime

Judge commends  members of the RSVGPF on efforts to stem crime


The efforts of the officers, men and women of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force did not go unnoticed by Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle, as the 2011 December Assizes came to a close this week.{{more}}

Bruce-Lyle, addressing the court on Tuesday December 20, one day later than scheduled, said that the efforts of the men and women must be appreciated, in their efforts to stem crime, since crime could never be stopped.

He especially highlighted the work of the Criminal Records Office, whose members work closely with the court, in ensuring matters are ready to be tried in the court.

Echoing the sentiments of some of the speakers before him, including Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams, and other prosecutors, as well as President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bar Association Dr. Linton Lewis, Bruce-Lyle voiced his concern about the increase in violent crimes being committed nationally; especially that of murder.

He said that the reason for the increase in crime is for the most part greed and laziness, and called for more responsibility in the household.

“We need to examine ourselves; the homes have a bigger role to play… parents need to examine morals and values and how we are raising our children.”

Bruce-Lyle identified the cell phones, computers and television, as well as the music that is listened to, as some of the things that mould the minds of the youth and called for more parental guidance in these areas.

“If you raise your children to roam free; do as they please, you will raise a monster.”

“…. But with good-will, and being the Christian society that we say we are, we will make a turn around somewhere along the line.”

The learned Justice also thanked the prison and court staff, jurors and all other persons who made the assizes the success they were.

He said that he hoped the 2012 Assizes would start on a positive note, and indicated that another judge would be here to assist in January.

In the December Assizes, 77 cases were down to be heard; 15 were completed.(JJ)