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High Court Judge drops the hammer on Primus

High Court Judge drops the hammer on Primus


For repeatedly hitting his ex-girlfiend in the head with a hammer, then smashing her knees with the same hammer, exposing the bone,{{more}} High Court Judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle sentenced Campden Park resident Bilton Primus to 15 years imprisonment.

Before passing sentence, on Friday, November 11, Bruce-Lyle said he thought long and hard about what sentence he should impose on Primus. However, the judge said, “I really can’t help you. What you did to the girl can only be described as despicable.”

On Monday, October 24, 2011, the 38-year-old carpenter was found guilty of assault and grievous bodily harm of Darrine Edwards of Old Montrose.

Bruce-Lyle said the evidence brought against Primus was overwhelming and yet still, he went ahead and wasted the court’s time. “These are aggravating factors. You don’t treat human beings, especially women in that fashion. You have to go to prison,” Bruce-Lyle firmly stated.

The judge said he had to take into consideration the fact that Primus is not a first time offender.

“Instead of learning a lesson, you went and did more. In other words, you have no regard for the law. The law is there for you to obey,” he continued.

In her testimony to the court, Edwards said that on November 5, 2009, Primus kidnapped her and took her to his home at Campden Park, where she was held for eight days.

The woman said while in the house, she was beaten in her head with a hammer and all about her body, which resulted in a broken knee cap. She said she could not leave the house because of her injured leg, and was afraid to leave because the defendant frequented a shop nearby.

She was, however, able to escape one night, after the defendant came home and fell asleep. She then made a report to the police.

Primus was found not guilty in relation to the kidnapping charge.(KW)