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Three more to take stand in attempted murder case

Three more to take stand in attempted murder case


Ten witnesses have already given testimony in the case where Lodge Village resident Edward Taylor stands accused of the attempted murder of Cleophus Lyttle,{{more}} possession of a .38 firearm, unlawful use of a firearm and possession of a firearm with intent to commit an offence.

Taking the stand on Wednesday, this week, Lyttle, a waiter of Glamorgan, told the court that on January 28, 2011, he was in the vicinity of Corea’s Mini Mart, and had just pulled his vehicle into the long line of traffic.

While the traffic was at a stand still, Lyttle said he heard a noise at the driver’s window. “I heard something by the window and I saw a gun and what appeared to be a bandana handkerchief over the person’s face…I was surprised, so I said “What!” and I raised my hands,” Lyttle recounted.

He then told the court that he heard a loud explosion, followed by a sharp pain in his right finger. Lyttle said he began feeling pain in his left hand and shortly realised after that he had been shot.

Lyttle explained that he put on his hazard lights and honked his horn until the traffic gave way, whereupon he proceeded to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for medical attention.

He spent 10 days there.

Corporal Paul Smart, in his testimony, said that at about 6:45 p.m., he was in his vehicle on the opposite side of the road when he saw a young man standing on the sidewalk of Coreas Mini Mart. He said the man then walked in front of his vehicle and approached Lyttle’s car.

Seconds later, Smart said he saw the man place his hand in his pocket and pull out what appeared to be a gun and point it in Lyttle’s direction. Smart said he then saw the man run in the direction of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

He noted that at the time, the man was wearing a camouflage jacket, dark pants, a black hat and a bandana.

PC 859 Khalique Browne said he and other members of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) were just returning from Redemption Sharpes when he saw a man, dressed in camouflage jacket, black hat and a green bandana over his face running in the vicinity of Paul’s Avenue.

Browne said he alighted the police transport and pursued the man. He told the court that after the man stopped, he requested a search. The man then placed both hands in his jacket pockets, pulled out his right hand, and an object, appearing to be firearm fell on the ground.

The young officer, who is currently in training at the Old Montrose Police Station, said he held onto the the man’s left hand, and a struggle ensued. He said another police officer, Johan Cobbler, came to his assistance and kicked the gun away.

The bandana was then removed by another officer on the scene, and the person was revealed to be Taylor.

When cautioned, Taylor said he found the gun at his work place at C.K. Greaves.

Three more prosecution witnesses are expected to be called to the witness stand, including the investigating officer.

Taylor is being represented by counsel Stephen Williams.

The case continues at the High Court.