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Lavia gets 15 years for having sex with a minor


Omri Enroy Lavia, 32, was on Monday, October 31, jailed for 15 years for having sex with a five year-old girl.{{more}}

The man, who hails from Petit Bordel, pleaded guilty to having sex with a girl under the age of 13, between, January 1, 2010, and December 10, 2010.

The court heard that Lavia, who knew the child well, used to frequent her home to help with chores.

One day, while the child was at home with her grandmother, Lavia took her near to a river where he told her that they were going to pick breadfruit.

He then had sex with the girl.

It was not until December 10, 2010, that the child told someone about the incident. The child’s mother was then told what had taken place.

The doctor’s evidence showed that the young female’s hymen had been ruptured.

Lavia, who was not legally represented, initially pleaded not guilty to the charge. He changed his not guilty charge and told the court that he was pleading guilty because he did not want to waste time.

Presiding Judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle asked Lavia if he committed the crime. Lavia replied that he did not do it, but he did not want to waste the court’s time. The judge told him that there was no reason to take a guilty plea if he did not commit the offence.

He then entered another not guilty plea.

After about four prosecution witnesses had testified, it was the young victim’s turn to give testimony. However, she could not compose herself sufficiently to take the witness stand.

Prosecutors tried a few more times, but the child could not give testimony. At that point, Lavia indicated to the court that he wished to plead guilty.

One of the prosecution witnesses, who is a Pastor, testified that Lavia admitted to him that he had had sex with the little girl.

Just before sentencing, Lavia asked the judge to exercise leniency on him.

Lavia is already serving a four-year sentence on another charge. The 15-year sentence will run consecutively to the 4 year custodial sentence.

Crown Counsel Carl Williams led the Prosecution’s case.