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Judge slaps Moses with fifteen-year sentence


For the next 15 years, Her Majesty’s Prison will be the mailing address of Stevenson Moses.{{more}}

Moses, 32, of Fair Hall, was slapped with two 15-year prison sentences after he pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated burglary and attempted rape.

The sentences will run concurrently.

He was initially indicted on eight charges, but only pleaded guilty to two. The prosecution withdrew the other charges against Moses.

The facts read out on Tuesday, October 25, at the Criminal Assizes of the High Court were that on February 27, 2010, at about 3:00 a.m., the victim, who lived with her crippled common-law husband heard a noise in the kitchen.

The woman, who was in her bedroom at the time, got up. When she turned on the light in the kitchen, she saw Moses, a person familiar to her.

Moses told her that he had come to watch television and she asked him why was he coming at that time of night. She told Moses to leave, but he said he had something to tell her.

She told Moses whatever he had to tell her, that he could wait until morning to do so. That, however, did not sit well with Moses and he took a knife and began stabbing her about her body.

Moses pushed the woman into another bedroom and attempted to rape her. She then told him that she needed a glass of water, which he went for. Whilst Moses was in the kitchen, the woman jumped through a window of the bedroom and sought help from a neighbour.

When Moses returned to the bedroom and did not find the woman, he then went to the bedroom where her boyfriend was. Moses beat the man and lit his pillow on fire.

Hearing his screams, neighbours came to his rescue and lifted him through a window.

Several items in the house were destroyed by the fire.

Moses was subsequently arrested in Glen. He gave police a statement in which he admitted to the crimes.

High Court Judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle presided over the case and crown counsel in the office of the Director of Public Prosecution Carl Williams led the crown’s case.

Moses was unrepresented.