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Alexander charged with wounding Hackshaw

Alexander charged with wounding Hackshaw


Lowmans Bay resident Shaun Alexander has been remanded in police custody pending a medical report on stabbing victim Cornelius Brent Hackshaw.{{more}}

Alexander, 29, appeared before the Serious Offences Court on Monday, October 24, but was not required to plea to a charge of wounding with intent.

Alexander is alleged to have stabbed Hackshaw, 28, of Questelles, in the neck with the arrow of a fish gun on Wednesday, October 19, at Questelles Bay.

It is alleged that the stabbing resulted from an altercation over money owed to Hackshaw.

After a small tussle, Hackshaw was stabbed with with the arrow on the left side of his neck, which protruded out the other side.

Hackshaw, with the arrow still lodged in his neck, walked from the beach where he was shot and made his way to where he was able to seek assistance.

Last Thursday morning from his bed at the Male Surgical Ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Hackshaw admitted that he was fearful of losing his life, but said he was praying to God for health and strength.

“I sorry this had to happen. I don’t like how this happen. I am going through with this case…,” Hackshaw asserted as he visibly winced in pain on his bed.

Alexander will return to court on Monday, October 31.(KW)