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Kenneth George faces assault charges in the BVI


A Vincentian man has been charged with assaulting a woman because he did not accept that she wanted to end their relationship.{{more}}

The woman was assaulted with a cutlass on Wednesday in the British Virgin Islands, BVI News Online was reliably informed that the woman’s attacker, 38-year-old Kenneth George, refused to accept the fact that the relationship between himself and the female victim in the attack was over.

Reports also suggest that the woman was not even in a relationship of any kind with the male friend who was also assaulted with the machete in last Wednesday’s confrontation.

They were both hospitalized and treated for injuries sustained during the attack and have since been released.

BVI News Online was told that the relationship between the woman and the Vincentian man had ended some time ago but his possessiveness and ego had refused to let him accept the harsh reality.

He lived in Virgin Gorda, while the woman lived in Tortola.

The incident occurred in a home on the North Side. It was reported to police around 11:30pm.

The Vincentian man was charged with criminal trespassing, with an offensive weapon and two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm.