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Mother of accused murderer takes the stand

Mother of accused murderer takes the stand


The mother of murder accused, Azari Ash testified yesterday that her 22-year-old son was at home on the night of December 21, 2007, when Lloyd “Lazo/Hawkey” Samuel was fatally shot.{{more}}

Marvle Ash told the court that at about midnight, she was drifting in and out of sleep when she heard crying coming from the neighbour. She said that she then told her son, who was on the living room floor, that “It sound like Hawkey geh shoot.”

Ash, along with Che Bute, 27, both of Redemption Sharpes, has been charged with Samuel’s murder.

Star Witness for the prosecution, Uroy “Laybay” Robinson, last week gave detailed testimony about a plot to snuff out Samuel’s life.

During cross-examination, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Colin Williams asked Marvle how many of them slept in the house the night the incident took place. Marvle said that her eldest son, Dillon, did not sleep at home and it was just her daughter, Andy, another daughter and Azari, whom she said was lying on the living room floor.

Marvle further noted that she did not see the deceased that night, nor did she come out of the house. She also said that she did not hear any gunshots, but only looked outside her window and heard crying.

“So you didn’t see anything?” the DPP asked. Ash replied, “No!” “I tell him (Azari) like Hawkey geh shoot and he lean back on the chair and say I know somebody will do for him.” Marvle recounted.

She stated that she never knew the deceased to be a “warisome” person, although she admitted that they were not friends.

She also said the morning after the incident, her son placed his clothes outside in a small shed used for storing items.

“I’m putting it to you that your son wasn’t at home on December 21, nor did you wake him. You know that he used to live in the shed and you only came here to help your son,” the DPP said.

Ash replied, “I help my son financially…I am telling the truth.”

Both sides have closed their cases and will give their addresses today, Tuesday.

Queen’s Counsel Carlyle Dougan, Jomo Thomas and Carlos James appear as defence counsel on the accused men’s behalf, while Crown Counsel Colin John and Carl Williams appear with the DPP for the crown.

Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle presides over the matter. (KW)