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Magistrate orders Grenadian man to leave the state


Grenadian Alrick Croney admitted that he came to these shores illegally eight years ago, but instead of being deported or jailed, Senior Magistrate Donald Browne threw him a life line.{{more}}

Croney appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, June 14, and was told by Browne that he was not going to deport him, but instead he was told that he had to buy his own plane ticket to go back to Grenada. “You are to leave this state under the supervision of the immigration. I’m not deporting him, but he has to apply to come back,” Browne ordered.

The facts in the matter stated that on June 23, 2003, Croney entered the state by boat without notifying immigration authorities. He pleaded guilty to the charge.

Croney told the court that since living here, he has been making a livelihood as a fisherman.

Browne asked Croney if he has ever tried to legally apply for resident status here. Croney told Browne that up to last month, he was trying to get his girlfriend to marry him.

His girlfriend, who was summoned to the courtroom, said that she has known Croney for about eight years and that he used to come to St Vincent from time to time.

“Don’t you know that you could get locked up for entertaining an illegal immigrant?” Browne questioned.

The woman said she wants Croney to return to St Vincent and continue their relationship, but noted that he has to do something in order for that to happen.(KW)