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Swann Nicholls’ sentence reduced

Swann Nicholls’ sentence reduced


Instead of serving the 12 year sentence imposed on him in 2010, Swann Nicholls will now serve 10 years in jail.{{more}}

Appeal Court judges, Ola Mae Edwards, Janice George Creque and Davidson Baptiste upheld a submission by Nicholls’ Lawyer on Tuesday, January 25, and reduced his sentence.

Nicholls, a Kingstown Park resident, was given a 12 year custodial sentence after pleading guilty at the High Court to wounding Michael “Tuff” Pierre, also of the same address.

On Friday, August 14, 2009, Pierre was attacked while playing dominoes at a shop in his village. The incident saw Pierre sustaining three chop wounds to his head and face, causing him to lose his left eye.

Nicholls’ lawyer, Cecil “Blazer” Williams, appealed the sentence on the grounds that the learned trial judge imposed an excessive prison sentence and speculated about his clients’ character.

Williams submitted that that his client pleaded guilty to the charge and was a first time offender.

On Monday, the day before, Williams made an application for leave of the court for a character witness.

Williams said a judgement was made on the appellant’s motive because he had committed his life to God and got married. He noted that while in prison, Nicholls continued in his changed ways and noted that the judge implied Nicholls wasn’t being a genuine Christian.

“A judgement was made on the appellant’s character. My client continues to show remorse in prison,” Williams said.

However, appeal judge Edwards asked Williams how was it possible for the judge to know who is a genuine Christian, or how does the conduct after Nicholls’ sentencing, support the claim that the judge erred.

Williams, in his response, said he was withdrawing his application to call a character witness.(KW)