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Bristol’s appeal to be heard on June 6


Damien Bristol’s appeal will be heard when it comes before the Court of Appeal on June 6.{{more}}

Bristol, 22, who is appealing his sentence, was slapped with an 18 year custodial sentence on July 20, 2010, after pleading guilty to slashing a woman’s throat.

The Richland Park/Bequia resident pleaded guilty to wounding Dorothy Ollivierre, of Bequia, on June 10, 2009.

On Monday, January 24, at a sitting of the Court of Appeal, counsel for the prisoner Carlos James informed the court that he was not sufficiently apprised of the facts of the matter.

The young lawyer noted that the appellant’s case is one of merit, which needed time to respond to opposing arguments from the Crown.

Ollivierre, a middle-aged woman, testified that she saw someone crawling on the floor of her living room that day.

Ollivierre said Bristol told her he had come to deliver a message from someone in Mustique, but she stated that she did not know anyone from there.

She said her attacker asked for a glass of water, and after giving Bristol the water, Ollivierre said aloud: “Something is not right.”

Bristol then held her by the neck and dragged about her home. Ollivierre was slashed with a knife across her neck area after Bristol demanded money from her. She also sustained a broken arm and injuries to her head.

She stated that she was constantly falling in and out of consciousness.(KW)