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Magistrate Browne issues stern warning to teenager


Seventeen year-old Kimron McDowall insists that he has been following the advice of his mother to steer clear of the law, so he is wondering why he is still the subject of what he calls harassment from the police.{{more}}

The youngster, who has appeared before the law courts on numerous occasions in the past, told Senior Magistrate Donald Browne on Monday that he was arrested for a crime he does not even know anything about.

“They just keep charging me and my mother done warn me and I hearing way she say,” McDowall explained.

McDowall pleaded not guilty to assaulting Lowmans Bay resident, Rhonda Wilkins on January 12, 2011, at Stoney Ground.

The youngster said he was kept in custody for 48 hours, released and then picked up again without knowing what he was being held for.

A concerned Magistrate Browne called the boy’s mother Patricia McDowall to the courtroom and urged her to talk to him.

“Its time you talk to him…He is like a customer to this court,” Browne said.

When asked about his age, the woman said she could not fully recall.

“…My head kinda bazodee, I forget he age,” she admitted. McDowall also revealed that her son’s father is not present in his life.

“…See, that’s the problem. Fathers in SVG are extremely irresponsible. I am speaking to those who have responsibility and relegate. That is why these young boys are turning out criminals,” Browne said.

“He should be proud of you, instead he dragging you down.”

McDowall was granted bail in the sum of $1,000 and was ordered to report to the Central Police Station every Friday.

The matter was adjourned to March 22 for hearing.