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Veira arrested again: Charged for murder

Veira arrested again: Charged for murder


Freedom for Sheon Veira has been short-lived.{{more}}

Two days after being freed of the murder of Venezuelan businessman Juan Carlos Cuanaro, the Arnos Vale man was arrested again and charged with the murder of the same man on Thursday, January 6.

In a topsy-turvy tale that has been played out at the Serious Offences Court, lawyer for the accused Carlyle Dougan Q.C. is of the view that the prosecution’s conduct in the criminal process has been vexatious and oppressive.

On January 3, the crown, led by Station Sergeant Colin John, withdrew the charge against Veira and two days later, further instructions were given to charge key prosecution witness Otricia Smart with murder, after she allegedly refused to give testimony in the matter.

Information reaching SEARCHLIGHT is that Veira was charged again, because of additional evidence against him.

On June 22, 2010, Cuanaro was shot and killed at his Ratho Mill apartment during an alleged robbery. He sustained gunshot wounds to his right side and chest.

“There would be so much doubt created that this would be so monumental and the crown would have no case against my client,” Dougan told SEARCHLIGHT.

Cuanaro’s countryman, 34-year-old businessman Douglas Effencuanuno Chinios, was also in the apartment at the time of the murder. He sustained gunshot wounds to the fingers on both hands.