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Cosby: “I tek the rum to exchange fo buy medication”


Shetimma Cosby is blaming the Government for his pilfering ways.{{more}}

On Tuesday, December 28, at a sitting of the Serious Offences Court, Cosby, who pleaded guilty to stealing a bottle of strong rum from Randy’s Supermarket, told the court: “The Government ain’t doing nothing fo people and me been tek the rum to exchange fo buy medication. The Government suppose to take care of us.”

Responding to Cosby, a highly annoyed Chief Magistrate Sonya Young told him to “Stop talking nonsense.”

Young told Cosby that he should be making a contribution to the country and that he can’t steal rum and trade it for medication.

“You telling me you thief rum to buy medication? There are disabled people doing more than you. It is my taxes paying for you in prison. You not even helping yourself,” Young said.

He was remanded in custody for sentencing this month.

Cosby also has convictions of a similar nature.