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Complaint filed against Vynnette Frederick

Complaint filed against Vynnette Frederick


Richard Williams, of Williams and Williams Law firm, has filed a complaint to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) against Vynnette Frederick of the New Democratic Party (NDP) on behalf of Luke Browne, the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) candidate for East Kingstown.{{more}}

Williams told the DPP his firm has been instructed that on November 25, Vynette Frederick, Public Relations Officer and candidate of the NDP, while speaking on ‘Nice Radio’ falsely imputed the personal character of Luke Browne by accusing him of disgraceful conduct, and falsely accused him, a candidate for East Kingstown, of several criminal offences, including conspiracy and offences under Representation of the People Act.

In the letter dated December 1, Williams said his client has denied the allegations against him and has stated that they are absolutely false.

“In the circumstances, we are respectfully requesting that the Director of Public Prosecutions give serious consideration to whether or not Miss Frederick ought to be prosecuted,” Williams stated.

He expressed to the DPP in the event that the DPP or officers of the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force wish to interview Browne, his firm will make the necessary arrangements. (HN)