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No bad blood with attacker says Ollivierre

No bad blood with attacker says Ollivierre


Water taxi operator, Claudius Ollivierre, 51, believes he was stabbed about his body because his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is jealous.{{more}}

The Glen resident sustained three stab wounds to his abdomen, one to his arm and another to the back of his neck, during an altercation with another man, on Sunday, November 14, at Calliaqua, shortly after 11pm.

A heavily bandaged Ollivierre told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that he is still baffled as to why he was stabbed, as he and his assailant had no history of bad blood between them.

“I been there drinking and next thing I know I geh stab up,” Ollivierre recalled.

The water taxi operator of over 30 years said after he sustained the stab wounds, he noticed that his intestines were protruding from his stomach and persons on the scene pushed them back inside of him. He was subsequently transported to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for treatment.

He admitted that he is still thankful that his life was spared because he lost a lot of blood. “I even think I been dead, and I feel real bad this happen to me…me ain’t even know way gwine happen when I get better,” he said.

On Tuesday, November 16, Brighton resident, Joel King, was charged with wounding Ollivierre.

When King, a bartender, appeared before Senior Magistrate Donald Browne at the Kingstown Magistrates Court, he pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutor, Glenford Gregg objected to King’s bail on the ground that the victim was still warded at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Magistrate Browne said in order for the court to consider bail, the victim has to be out of the hospital.

King was remanded until Monday, November 22, pending a medical report on the victim.(KW)