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Greaves on the wrong side of the law again

Greaves on the wrong side of the law again


Matters have gone from bad to worse for Roger Greaves, the man who is commonly known as the “Bop-Bandit”.{{more}}

Greaves, who is already serving a five year prison sentence for theft, had 10 more years added to his sentence on Thursday, May 20, at the High Court in Kingstown.

On May 17, 2010, Greaves pleaded guilty to robbery and assault of his uncle, Paul Greaves, on April 30, 2009, at Choppins.

Justice Jennifer Remy handed down the sentence.

The facts read out in court stated that at about 5 am, Paul Greaves left his home for Kingstown and was walking along the Choppins public road.

As Paul was walking, Roger came up from behind and placed a travelling bag over his uncle’s face and pushed him to the ground. Roger then pulled a plastic bag containing $1950 from his uncle’s pocket.

During the tussle, Paul managed to pull the bag from his face and he realised that he was being robbed by his own nephew.

In a police statement given by Roger, he told the police that he waited in the area where his uncle usually passes to go to Kingstown. He admitted that he came out from where he was hiding and placed the bag over his uncle’s head.

After relieving his uncle of his money, Roger said he travelled to Kingstown and went to Paul’s Avenue, where he spent most of the money on cocaine. He said he also purchased some food.

In his explanation in court, Roger, 31, told Justice Remy that he robbed his uncle because his uncle had borrowed $5,000 from him to purchase a vehicle and had not paid him back.

“I choose to perform my diplomatic duty because the complainant lives in my house and borrowed my $5,000 and he ain’t give me back my money up to now,” Greaves explained.

As the entire court room erupted with laughter, Justice Remy, in her response, said “Now, I am going to perform my judicial duty.” Remy told Roger that he should be the man that protects his uncle and not robs him.

On the assault charge, Greaves was sentenced to 18 months. Both sentences will run concurrently but consecutively with his five-year sentence.

In September 2009, Greaves was the man behind a spate of broad daylight robberies in Kingstown. In relieving his victims of their personal possessions, Greaves used the insecticide BOP and sprayed it in their faces.(KW)