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Magistrate Young issues warning to officers

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Chief Magistrate Sonya Young is fed up of some police officers’ blatant disregard for the court’s time.{{more}}

Young voiced her displeasure on Tuesday, May 11, after some officers brought prisoners to court after the court’s scheduled start time, which is at 9am.

“The court should not wait on any officer. So I must sit and wait on the police to come so I can start?” Magistrate Young asked rhetorically.

Young also threatened to adjourn court hearings if officers show up late to the court. “I am giving due notice. One of these days I will rise and however you get through with your matter is up to you,” Young asserted.

In his explanation, the officer told Magistrate Young that he was at the Rapid Response Unit base at Prospect and was awaiting a ride from a police vehicle coming from Owia.

Responding to the officer, Young said: “So in essence you are telling me that I have to wait on the police. It has reached to the point (where) we have no regard for time,” Young added.

On Wednesday, May 12, two more officers were reprimanded for their tardiness. Young told the officers that she would not be entertaining such practices from the officers and she proceeded to make a note of their names.(KW)