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Clarke’s Inquiry ends


Enos Clarke died as a result of blood clots in his veins.

At an Inquiry concluded on Tuesday this week at the Serious Offences Court, a five-member jury came to a decision that Enos Clarke’s death was as a result of misadventure.{{more}}

Clarke, 59, of Redemption Sharpes was met lying on the floor of his house on December 25, 2008.

Giving evidence in the matter, Detective Inspector Sydney James told the court that Garnett McFee, also of Redemption Sharpes, came to his home and told him something. James said he then went to the home of Clarke and met him lying on his back. James further stated that there were no signs that Clarke had been involved in a struggle or any marks of violence on his body.

Inspector James mentioned that the deceased was known to consume a lot of alcohol. A mixture of froth and blood was also seen oozing from his mouth.

Garnett McFee, who admitted that he used to be drinking buddies with Clarke, said that he went over to Clarke’s house and met his friend lying on the ground with his feet hanging out the backdoor.

Police and medical officials were called to the scene where Clarke was pronounced dead.