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Lovelace to be sentenced today

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Patrick Lovelace was expected to be sentenced today, Friday, at the High Court for the 2002 murder of Lokisha Nanton.{{more}}

Lovelace was set down for sentencing last Friday, February 19, but because the defense and prosecution were not furnished with copies of a Psychiatric report, the matter had to be adjourned.

Lovelace’s sentencing has proven problematic since February 5, 2010. At that time, Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams indicated to the court that he received a letter dated February 3 from the Mental Health Centre, indicating that Lovelace refused to take part in the psychiatric testing.

Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle had warned that if Lovelace refused to undergo the evaluation, the sentencing would still proceed.

However, a Social Inquiry report was done and prepared by Camille McIntosh of the Family Affairs Division. In an interview with Lovelace, McInstosh said that Lovelace denied knowing Lokisha and that he killed her.

Despite his cooperation, McIntosh concluded that it was impossible for Lovelace to be rehabilitated at this time.

Lovelace, 40, was convicted on July 15, 2009, for the murder of Sion Hill pannist Lokisha Nanton, on July 2, 2002. Nanton, whose nude body was found hanging from a mango tree, was raped and strangled to death by Lovelace.

In 2005, Lovelace was found guilty by the High Court of Nanton’s murder. However, the Court of Appeal ordered a re-trial the following year.(KW)