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Grant gets three months for stealing from yacht

Grant gets three months for stealing from yacht


A man whose actions have been detrimental to the Tourism industry of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been sent to jail.{{more}}

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young sentenced Kenroy Grant of Chateaubelair to three months imprisonment for burglary.

Twenty-eight-year old Grant pleaded guilty to stealing a black cell phone worth US$100, US$215 in cash and BDS$12 from Gary Raubenhumer, a yacht owner of the USA.

Facts read in court were that a police officer on duty at the Calliaqua police station saw Grant around 2:20 am on January 3, 2010, walking along the Calliaqua road. The police officer approached Grant and requested a search. The officer recovered the items from Grant, who admitted to stealing them from Raubenhumer’s yacht.

The items were confiscated and Grant led police back to the yacht at Ratho Mill. Raubenhumer, who was on the yacht, confirmed that the items belonged to him.

In court, Prosecutor Inspector Nigel Butcher stated that Grant’s actions have threatened the Tourism industry. “We consider him a threat to that industry,” Butcher said.

Yachting is a valuable component of the Tourism industry of this country, with ports in Bequia, Chateaubelair, Union Island, Mustique and Canouan. Recently, St. Vincent was awarded the “2009 Best Sailing and Yachting Island of the Year” by Caribbean Travel Awards.

Although the Chief Magistrate gave Grant credit for admitting to the offence, she agreed that Grant’s actions may hurt the Tourism industry in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“You can’t destroy something that is as vital like that to our economy,” she said, referring to yachting. “You have tampered with our Tourism industry…” she said, adding that if he continued, persons may no longer want to bring their yachts to St.Vincent.

Young then sentenced Grant to prison time. “You have been doing this consistently. When are you going to stop?” she asked, holding a list of Grants previous offences dating back to 1997, which included other burglary offences. “For your own good, I’m going to send you to prison,” she said.(OS)