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Senior Magistrate speaks out


As the debate surrounding the new proposed constitution continues, Senior Magistrate Donald Brown is of the view that young men need to do something to contribute to the development of the country.{{more}}

“Look at the number of young men sitting there, just wasting their lives away, when they can make a meaningful contribution at this stage of our country’s development!” he declared.

Browne made his feelings known last Tuesday, October 13, at a sitting of the Magistrate’s Court during which the matter brought against former Immigration Officer, J’var Francis, for allegedly falsifying a travel document, was discontinued by the prosecution.

Prosecutor Glenford Gregg told the court that the Director of Public Prosecutions advised that the matter be discontinued against Francis.

Taking a long stare at the prisoners seated on the bench, Browne said: “The constitution is not about politics, so I can say it here…it is something we all have to live with.”

When Francis appeared in court on August 18, 2009, he pleaded not guilty to falsifying a travel document (passport) for the purpose of assisting Alixzo Jose’ Martinez of Venezuela, at Kingstown between April 13 and May 20, 2009.

Martinez was deported on May 22, after pleading guilty to entering the state illegally. At that time, Martinez was in possession of a passport with the stamp of the immigration, indicating that came to the country legally.

Several checks were made with the Immigration Department, Customs Department and LIAT and no records were found that the Venezuelan entered the state.

“Go away and behave yourself young man,” Browne told Francis.

Meanwhile, veteran lawyer, Arthur Williams echoed the Senior Magistrate’s sentiments and said: “I can’t see why they want to vote no…these people are crazy.”