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Naptali Diaz goes all legal at High Court

Naptali Diaz goes all legal at High Court


The fluency with which prisoner Naptali Diaz used legal jargon left lawyers and fellow prisoners with gaping jaws and broad smiles earlier this week.{{more}}

Diaz, who is currently serving a prison sentence for a gun related crime, told High Court Judge Gertel Thom that he was not adequately prepared to defend himself in his upcoming trial. “Your Lordship, it is an infringement of my constitutional right for me not to have my portfolio ready for my case,” he stated.

Diaz said a search had been conducted on the prisons by the Rapid Response Unit, during which the officers took the deposition that he had prepared for his case. Diaz is charged for shooting Isaiah Williams on April 23, 2007 at Paul’s Avenue.

He also stated that in December, he had asked Chief Magistrate Sonya Young to furnish him with a copy of the Criminal Procedure Act to prepare for his case, but it never materialized. “Once I have these I will be ready to proceed whenever you’re ready, you understand?”

Justice Thom then requested that Registrar of the High Court, Tamara Gibson-Marks give Diaz a copy of the Act and also a copy of his portfolio (deposition).

“Thank you Your Ladyship,” Diaz said.