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Butler found guilty of stealing goats


Dan Butler has to spend the next six months in jail for stealing two goats. A resident of Diamonds, Butler pleaded guilty to stealing two ewe goats belonging to fellow resident Ezekiel Jacobs when he appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, May 27.{{more}}

Butler was jointly charged with Darrell Bruce of Clare Valley and Leon Degrads of Rillan Hill. Bruce and Degrads pleaded not guilty to the charges and their cases were transferred to the Colonaire Magistrate’s Court for trial on June 4, 2009.

According to the facts read in court, Ezekiel Jacobs, an animal farmer and butcher, tied his two goats, only to find them gone when he returned later. Jacobs then reported the matter to the police. Police officers found Butler with the goats in Dauphine just as he was about to sell them to a butcher. (OS)