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5 years for wounding


Audie Orlando John said that he was only trying to defend himself from the blows being meted out to him by the public. That excuse, however, did not prevent him from going to prison.{{more}}

John, 30, labourer, was sentenced to five years in jail on Wednesday this week at the High Court after he pleaded guilty to wounding Roslyn Richardson on June 11, 2005 in Kingstown. He was initially charged with wounding with intent but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of wounding on Wednesday.

On the date in question, at about 4:20 pm at the Kingstown Vegetable Market, John and a woman began to argue. A tussle then ensued between John and the woman, whereupon John pulled a knife and started stabbing her about her body.

Moments later, scores of people came to the aid of the woman and started fighting off John. Richardson, who was coming from the washroom, was stabbed in her neck by Richardson. She was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

In a statement which John gave to the police, he said that many people were beating him with pieces of wood, banana stalks and other weapons. He added that it was the woman who first pulled a knife at him and he pulled out his knife to defend himself.

Five other persons were injured as a result of the incident.

Before handing down sentence, presiding Judge, Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle asked John what was wrong with him. “Something is wrong with you, clearly. You have been wounding people left, right and centre. Nearly all of your offences have been for wounding,” the judge said.

The judge said that with Carnival in the air, he could not let such persons be roaming the streets. “I don’t want people like you to think that you will commit crimes like these and get a slap on the wrist. I don’t want you around for Carnival,” said Bruce-Lyle. (KW)