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Careful how you throw your seed


Chief Magistrate Sonya Young on Monday this week advised Desmond Grant to be careful about how he disperses his seed.

Grant, a labourer of Barrouallie, pleaded guilty to having eight grams of cannabis in his possession and cultivating 30 immature cannabis plants on May 25, 2009.{{more}} He told Magistate Young that he normally plants other crops and he just threw the marijuana seed in a black bucket and the cannabis plants grew. “Me just throw some seed in dey. Me does plant tomato all ting, but the weed plant dem jus grow,” he told the court. In responding to Grant, Young said, “You must be careful how you are throwing your seeds because they just got you into trouble.”

For the cannabis possession, Grant was fined $50 in two days and was fined $500 in two months for the plants. In default, he would spend three months in jail.

The court heard that police officers went to Grant’s home to execute a search warrant and found the controlled substances.(KW)