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Youngster jailed for having cleaver at Vincy Mas


Dennis Richardson’S only experience of Carnival this year will be last weekend’s launch. On Monday, he was sentenced to three months in jail for possession of an offensive weapon.{{more}}

Richardson, 16, a plumber of Glen, pleaded guilty at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday, May 4, for having a meat cleaver in his possession at the launch of Vincy Mas, held at the Chamber of Commerce Car park on May 2, 2009.

The facts stated that at approximately 11:45pm, officers in the car park spotted Richardson, who was wanted by police in connection with another matter. A search was conducted and the meat cleaver was found on his person. Under caution, Richardson, who was on bail and was breaching the conditions of his curfew, told police that some men had attacked him before and he had the knife with him for protection.

Richardson’s mother who was in court at the time told Senior Magistrate Donald Browne that Richardson was complaining of feeling ill that night and she sent him to the hospital for treatment. She also added that she had no idea he was in the car park and that he had a knife in his possession.

“You have shown grave irresponsibility and you had no right to send him to the hospital just like that. It doesn’t work like that. You should have contacted the police and told them that he is going to the hospital,” Browne said.

The Magistrate also noted that on the last occasion Richardson was in court for another offence, his mother reassured the court that she would be able to control Richardson. “This is absolutely crazy. One of the reasons why I open my heart to young people is because I don’t want to see them going to prison. I have done more than enough for you,” Browne sternly said. He also said he thought the mother was lying to the court and threatened to charge her with perjury if he found out she was not being truthful.(KW)