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Roberts fined $7,000 for cannabis possession


Yet another defendant facing drug charges is claiming to have found the controlled substance.{{more}}

Kenroy Roberts, a Questelles resident, told Chief Magistrate Sonya Young at the Serious Offences Court on Monday, April 20, that he had found the sack filled with marijuana in the bush on April 18, at Walilabou. He pleaded guilty to possession of 14 pounds of cannabis. He was fined $7,000 with $1,500 to be paid forthwith. Young also ordered him to pay the remainder in three months or spend one year in prison.

The court heard that Rapid Response Unit (RRU) personnel were conducting a stop and search operation on the Leeward Coast when a minibus was seen traveling towards Barrouallie. The vehicle was summoned to stop and the defendant, who was seated next to the van’s conductor, had a sack between his legs. Police officers requested a search of the bag and the controlled substance was discovered in several taped packages. When cautioned by the police, Roberts replied: “Is find me find dem.”

In court, the unrepresented man told the Magistrate that he was walking when he stumbled upon the drugs. “Me been go in de bush and I see de things them so I end up walk with them,” Roberts confessed.