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John welds his way to prison for attemped rape

John welds his way to prison for attemped rape


Despite a plea for leniency by Sebastian John’s Lawyer and a promise to change his ways, Justice Gertel Thom sentenced the 38-year-old man to seven years in prison.{{more}}

John, a Welder of Ottley Hall, was the final person to be sentenced at the Criminal Assizes on March 26, 2009, after he pleaded guilty to attempted rape of a 30-year-old woman of New Montrose on August 11, 2007. He was initially also charged with Burglary, but in light of his guilty plea, the prosecution withdrew the burglary charge.

The facts read out in court by prosecutor Joezel Jack, stated that at approximately 7:00 p.m, the woman secured the windows and the entrance door of her premises and went into her bedroom to study, leaving the door open.

The woman fell asleep and was awakened at about 2:30 a.m. when she felt someone twisting her face. She then heard a masculine voice telling her to remain quiet, and felt what appeared to be a knife at her throat. She began crying and begged the person not to kill her. John’s head and face were covered by a stocking.

The woman said she thought she was dreaming and went back to sleep. John, who had a knife and was kneeling with his legs between her legs, woke her again. He then fondled her private parts and tried to have sex with her. She cried aloud and pretended to hyperventilate and told John that she needed to go to the Hospital. John then left the building.

Mitigating on his client’s behalf, Lawyer Arthur Williams told the court that the knife John had in his possession came from the woman’s kitchen. Williams said that his client was so remorseful for his actions that he apologized to the woman after the police arrested him. “The ends of justice will be served if he is put on a bond to be of good behaviour,” he stated. Williams added that sending John to prison was only wasting taxpayers money and that it would not serve anything.

In responding to Williams, Justice Thom said that women must be protected from such acts. The judge further stated that she believes that the woman suffered a very traumatic experience at John’s hands. “Justice will only be done if a custodial sentence is imposed on you,” she said. John has previous convictions for similar offences. The Judge ordered that the accused receive counseling while he is incarcerated.(KW)